SIGNUM makes things happen

Focused support of regional sports and other institutions

The areas of health, social affairs, culture and sports are important parts of our society. Although our contributions are not large in scale, we believe that when everyone gets involved, a lot adds up. As a Basel SME, we support local and national athletes, institutions and clubs.

If more attention is needed in the areas of sports, culture and social issues, we regularly offer part of our store windows free of charge as an advertising platform. We are happy to receive any inquiries.

Our engagements

Tobias Fankhauser Handbiker

Tobias Fankhauser from Basel-Country impresses us as a person and top athlete. As a teenager, he had a serious accident on his bicycle. In the course of his first rehabilitation in Nottwil, he joined the sports group. Soon he was so fascinated by the special handbike that he signed up for a first race in a nearby country. That was the starting signal for his career in the “racing circus”.

We at SIGNUM have been supporting and accompanying Tobias Fankhauser for several years. With enthusiasm and very impressed we were there live when Tobias Fankhauser became Swiss Champion 2021 in the handbike class H2 in Wangen an der Aare. Congratulations on his top performance, which has been consistent for years!

EHC Basel Eishockey

As early as 1931/32, an ice hockey section was formed in the Rotweiss sports club, whose name was changed to EHC Basel in October 1932. SIGNUM has been supporting EHC Basel for several years, because sporting goals require broad-based development work and a lot of time. Since the 2018/19 season, SIGNUM, Rund um Immobilien, has been one of the main sponsors of EHC Basel as a jersey sponsor.

The 1st team is on course for success, offers attractive ice hockey and has achieved promotion to the Swiss League, the second highest division, in spring 2022.

Join us for an entertaining game and enjoy this dynamic sport up close in Basel’s St. Jakob Arena, one of the most beautiful ice hockey stadiums in Switzerland.

The environment is also very important to us

CO2 compensation

On the flat roof of a property in Basel, we generate electricity with a photovoltaic system, which enables us to compensate for SIGNUM’s electricity needs.


Our offices are equipped with energy-saving LED lights. A comfort ventilation system also imperceptibly ensures permanently fresh air. In winter, this prevents the heat loss that occurs with classic window ventilation. In addition, we only use copying and printing paper that is produced and certified as CO2-neutral.


Vehicles are indispensable for appointments in properties. We have already replaced one of our cars with gasoline combustion by a model with pure electric drive, which allows very quiet and emission-free driving.

Energy-optimized building renovations

With energy-efficient building renovations and advice for our property owners, we contribute to significant improvements. We also rely on modern standards for appliances and lighting. Because many small steps pave the way. We keep at it.

Further engagements

HSG Leimental, Handball

HSG Leimental is a handball team supported by the clubs Therwil, Oberwil and Binningen. We support young handball players.

We also make regular contributions here:

  • Krebsliga – Project support
  • Médecins Sans Frontières Schweiz – donations
  • other donations