Comprehensive valuation of properties

Objective and well-founded market evaluation of your property

There are many situations in which you should know the current market value of your property. Not only in the case of an intended sale, but also in the case of inheritance or for general asset assessment, the professional estimate or market value calculation forms an important basis for further action.

You can rely on our many years of experience and sound expertise.

An important basis

What is my property worth?

An objective and professionally founded valuation of your real estate proves to be a reliable basis. This can be built upon individually, depending on your personal interests.

We regularly prepare real estate valuations, whether for single-family homes, condominiums or apartment buildings. Each property is inspected by us on site and we record the necessary data. In addition, findings from the owners’ property documents are incorporated into the property valuation. In addition to all the expertise, excellent knowledge of the current real estate market is important. We are very familiar with the greater Basel area and its agglomeration.

We also offer consultations if you as a property owner are unsure whether a sale or a letting would be advantageous.